About Us

It is never too late to start chasing your dreams.

Homepreneurz provides a common platform for all those who are willing to design their own life plan, who are willing to start fresh every single morning and are willing to work hard to turn their hobbies and passion into entrepreneurship. It is also for those who want to strike work life balance, want to earn by working for themselves rather than working for others and who are or can be more than home makers.

On the other hand, Homepreneurz also makes resources and services of the budding or established entrepreneurs accessible and handy to the other set of people who are keen to avail them.

Few Dreams:
If you are a home maker and you love to spend time during you leisure hours making some creative pieces or you make wonderful and healthy cakes at home or love to teach dance, and also want someone to buy those products or services then register or post a free add at Homepreneurz.

Few Needs:
If you want to have some home-made food or healthy cake, or are looking for some dance teacher nearby, or want to buy some handmade art pieces, look out for one here.

In short, Homepreneurz is the platform where some one’s Dreams meet some one else’s Needs.
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